Tips To Help Your Inspirational Blog Succeed

Inspirational blogs can be wildly successful when they're well-run. If you have an inspirational blog, use these tips to help your blog succeed.

Define Your Blogs Focus

A generically inspirational blog is extremely difficult to grow because there are so many blogs on the internet. Your blog also won't become an authority in any one area if it's generic, and you won't have a well-defined audience to market the blog to. 

To avoid these plagues, give your blog a narrow focus. Seek to inspire a specific demographic or audience that has a common experience and goal. For example, you might try to inspire stay-at-home parents who want to cook meals that kids love or young couples who want to get out of debt. Any goal will work, so long as it's well-defined.

Include Images With Every Post

Every post on your blog should have at least one image, and longer posts probably would do well with multiple images. These images can be any type of graphic, including:

  • Photographs
  • Flow charts
  • Graphs

Even quotes written out in an artistic font can work.

The purpose of these images is multifold. They help attract clicks to your blog's posts and break up long sections of text. They'll also increase engagement by ensuring that people who skim your posts still get something out of them. Finally, images that rank in image searches that people perform might help bring a few additional visitors to your blog.

Publish Consistently

If you have a well-defined inspirational blog, you'll hopefully grow a loyal audience. To keep that audience coming back to your blog, you need to publish consistently so that the blog has new material for people to view.

How often you publish isn't so important as simply publishing regularly. Select a schedule that you know you can maintain, and share the schedule with your visitors. Then, publish according to your schedule and watch people check in on dates that you promise to publish.

As you try to figure out how frequently you can publish, use a conservative estimate that you know you can meet. You can always prep posts ahead of time if you find yourself readying pieces more often than projected, and you never want to miss a promised publication. Consistency is what will build your audience.

Share Stories

Narrative is a powerful form of writing, and inspirational blogs naturally lend themselves to uplifting stories. Share stories of success, and your audience will gravitate toward those posts.