7 Mistakes To Avoid When You Go Through A Virtual Piano Song Tutorial

Using virtual piano song tutorials is a great way to master songs when you're learning to play the piano. However, you need to avoid certain mistakes to enjoy success when using such tutorials.

The following are seven mistakes to avoid when you go through a virtual piano song tutorial. 

Attempting to take a tutorial that is too advanced for your current skill level

One of the most important things you need to do is find song tutorials that are appropriate for your skill level. Attempting to learn a song that is too advanced for you is likely to lead to frustration and could make you feel discouraged. 

Being impatient

It takes time and effort to master a new song that you learn through a virtual piano song tutorial. Don't give up too quickly if you don't feel that you're making progress right away. Persistence and patience will pay off. 

Switching to different tutorials rather than learning them completely one at a time

Stick with the same virtual piano song tutorial until you've learned it. If you don't put enough time into the same song tutorial, you'll struggle to learn songs and feel that you're not making progress with your piano studies. 

Trying to learn the whole song at once rather than mastering individual sections

Breaking up a song into sections and learning one section at a time is a good strategy. If you're trying to play through the whole song all at once every time you practice, you might not be concentrating enough on individual rhythms and fingerwork challenges to master them. 

Attempting to play at a fast tempo right away

Trying to master songs with a faster tempo can be more difficult than attempting to master slower songs. If you try to learn to play a faster song, you should slow down the tempo while you're learning. You can gradually pick up the tempo as you learn the song so that you can eventually play it as it was composed to be performed. 

Not asking your piano teacher or a piano authority questions that you have

Even if you are trying to independently learn to perform a song through a virtual piano song tutorial, you still should reach out for help when you need it.

If you find that you've hit a wall and can't manage a section of the song you're learning, consult with your piano teacher or use online forums for advice and assistance with learning the song. You might get some great tips on learning more advanced piano techniques so that you can progress with learning the song. 

Attempting to play a song that you are completely unfamiliar with

When you are learning, it's best to choose virtual piano song tutorials for songs with which you are already familiar. If you know the rhythm already, you are probably going to pick up the song more readily than you would with a song that you've never heard before. 

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