How Montessori Schools Help Gifted Children Who Struggle In Public Schools

Parents of gifted children are often rightfully proud of the intellect of their offspring. However, many often end up confused and upset by the fact that their child struggles to learn in a public school environment. The child wasn't tested improperly but is simply in the wrong learning environment. They may just need a Montessori education to succeed.

Learning Problems for Gifted Children are Not Uncommon

The sad reality of the world is that gifted children are often those who struggle the most to learn in a classroom environment. This problem is so common as to be almost a cliched – a child tested as gifted who does well at home with their parents cannot succeed in a classroom. Any parent of a child in this situation is likely very frustrated and uncertain of how to proceed so that their child can succeed.

In many situations, the problem is caused by the boredom of the gifted child simply being too far ahead of their peers and not being able to go at their slower pace. However, there is also a chance that the child simply learns in a different way than their teacher can provide them. In this situation, it may be a good idea to visit a Montessori school to get a child tested to see what kind of learning method is right for them.

How Montessori Can Help

The Montessori philosophy was created as a child-first educational method that helps to teach a child in a way that works for them. The child is directed by a teacher but otherwise chooses what they want to study it, how they want to study it, and provides their teacher with evidence of their progress. This educational method may be the perfect choice for a child struggling in a regular public school.

For example, a gifted child could take the educational information provided by their teacher and learn it at the faster pace that makes sense for their intellect. They could also learn it in a way that makes sense for them, such as a visually-oriented child watching films to learn lessons or a hands-on learner engaging with materials in a way that imprints lessons in their head in a positive manner.

Therefore, any parent of a struggling gifted child may want to reach out to a Montessori educator right away. The expanding nature of this educational method has become alluring for parents of children who are obviously very intelligent but who cannot do what needs to be done at school to learn and prepare themselves for their adulthood.

For more information on the Montessori philosophy, reach out to a local child care center.