3 Tips For Providing Better Feedback After Classroom Walkthroughs

If you are a principal or other school administrator, you might perform regular classroom walkthroughs. Doing so has its benefits, and you and your school's educators might have already enjoyed some of the benefits of classroom walkthroughs. However, you could be looking for ways to provide even better feedback than you do right now. These are a few improvements that you might be able to make.

1. Provide Feedback Quickly

If you are a busy school administrator, you might find that your work piles up on your desk if you aren't careful. In the past, you might have found that it took a while to provide feedback for teachers after classroom walkthroughs. However, it is important to try to provide feedback as quickly as possible.

This is helpful for teachers who might be a bit anxious about what you thought about your classroom walkthrough. It can be helpful for you while you're providing feedback since the experience will be fresher in your mind. Plus, it can help teachers start making positive changes in the classroom as quickly as possible, which can be very helpful for the students that they teach.

2. Provide Both Positive and Negative Feedback

After a classroom walkthrough, it can be tempting to focus on the more negative feedback that you have to provide. Of course, if you noticed anything negative during the classroom walkthrough, you will probably want to provide this information so that teachers know about the things that they should work on. However, if you notice that your teachers are doing things right, it is also important to provide positive feedback. Then, teachers will know what they should stay on the right track with. Plus, it can be a lot less discouraging for teachers who have received both positive and negative feedback.

3. Provide Advice

It isn't just a good idea to tell educators what they might have done wrong when you were performing a classroom walkthrough. It is always best to provide a little bit of advice about how teachers can improve in the future. This might not feel as discouraging for teachers, and it can give them real ideas for what they can do so that they can focus on providing a better experience for all of the students that they are responsible for.

If you regularly perform classroom walkthroughs, then it's probably important to you to provide the best feedback that you can provide. Even if you think that you already do a good job of providing feedback, it might be time to consider the three points above so that you can improve even more.