What To Do Before Flight Training Begins

So, you have decided to enter a flight training program, huh? That is an exciting time, full of learning and adventure. Flying is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, with jobs popping up all around for pilots. With so many people learning this new skill, there may be some wait time before you can get into the program. Some people waste the time before they get into school, but there is actually quite a bit to do! Here are a few things you can work on before you start a flight training program.

Memorize the New Alphabet

Have you ever listened to air traffic control before? The language of pilots can be a very hard concept for new students to grasp. However, it is crucial to understand that this language is built up with individual letters of a new alphabet — the phonetic alphabet. This alphabet allows pilots to express themselves clearly over radio frequencies and reduces misunderstandings and mistakes. The phonetic alphabet is something that can help you to understand more right from the beginning in flight training school. Taking special care to understand the proper usage of letters and numbers will help you to be a great pilot. 

Flight Simulators

Flight simulators are actually a great way to get a small amount of practice in from within the walls of your own home. Depending on what type of flight simulator you have, you could actually see what different levers in a cockpit do, or how they affect your flight. Flight simulators are a wonderful tool to learn with.

Shadow Pilots

If you have friends, coworkers, or distant relatives that are pilots, it is time to call in a favor. Going up with someone who has their pilot's license is a wonderful way to learn, even if you are not an active co-pilot. Watch how they do their call signs, how they maneuver, and what they look out for. This will also help you to become more comfortable in small private planes. Many people struggle with nausea in small planes, so the more time you have up there, the better. The flight training program you are waiting to enter may have some suggestions of who you could shadow.

In conclusion, there will be two types of people in your flight training classes: those who studied hard and learned all they could before class, and those who were just waiting to begin. You get to choose which one you will be.